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You’ve found the home of Composite Deck Builders, the premier Melbourne company for managing your most difficult outdoor lifestyle construction needs.  We provide the most experienced professionals in the industry, certified and trained in the newest methods and materials to give your home and family that new composite deck that will last a lifetime.

Composite Deck Builders Melbourne

“There was no other choice once I talked to their staff, they were clear, confident, and able to make the process easily understood.  They really know their product, and my Trex deck has been the best investment I’ve made in my home since the in-line water heater in my shower.” – Peter, Bayswater

Your Composite Deck Builders in Melbourne

Summer’s coming, and visions of BBQ’s have been dancing through your mind, enjoying a cold beer or wine in the warm summer breeze in the company of your closest friends. “Ahhh, but the Deck is just a dream” you think to yourself “I could never afford one, and they’re such a pain to keep up.” Let Composite Deck Builders in Melbourne show you how you can have your deck, with none of the hassle.

Let’s start with the materials, Trex Composite Decking has been the mainstay of our business since its inception.  We knew that everyone wanted beautiful decking, but also that there had to be a way to take out the problems of termites and insects invading the wood, without losing the beauty of wood. Additionally, between environmental concerns and a growing scarcity, timber has become impractical to use as a decking material.

This is where Trex comes in to save the day, Composite Deck Builders have been using this innovative product to provide stable, long-lasting, low-cost decks to our customers. Being comprised 95% recycled plastic and wood, it’s the most environmentally conscious building material on the market, and after 20 years of being in production, has a long and storied history to support its claims. That’s the kind of dependability we wanted to provide to our customers, and we’ve never looked back.

If you live anywhere in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Composite Deck Builders is there to provide you with a no-obligation, cost-free quote on the deck of your dreams. 

  • Imagine spending your Summer’s lounging on your brand new deck, without concerns of maintenance.

  • Finally host special events and get-togethers on a deck with all the beauty of wood, and durability of an industrial strength plastic.

  • Have the pride of passing on a home to your children with a deck that will withstand the test of time, and the rigors of another generation.

Composite Deck Builders is ready to Serve You

Isn’t it time that you finally have that deck you’ve been dreaming of?  Visit our ‘Decking Services’ page and take a look at the variety of options we have to serve you, or give us a call today for that free, no obligation quote.  We love hearing from our customers, and taking a personal interest in what they want for your home.

If you want to see the results of our craftsmanship, you can take a look at our gallery.  We’re proud of the work we do, and love it when our customers let us showcase their homes with us. There’s no greater praise then being proud to have your new deck shown, and that’s what we offer to you.  A deck you can be proud to host on.