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Composite Deck Builders, Melbourne, is ready to provide you with the best in deck construction services by seasoned professionals, with all the proper training and certification to install a deck that will last you a lifetime. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation quote on the deck of your dreams, take a look below at the list of services we can provide to you today

Composite Decking: The Beauty Of

Wood Without The Maintenance

Being made of recycled plastic and wood, composite decking doesn’t mold, and won’t stain, not even under the abuses of spilled wines or sauces. This is perfect for any decking application, providing you with a result that can put up with the abuses of day to day use.

Composite Decking for your Pool Deck:

Doesn’t Fade, Scratch, Stain, or Mold

With Composite Decking, there will be no fading or staining, so you can be confident your deck will stand the test of time. When you’re building a pool deck, you need something waterproof that’s going to retain its beauty and durability. Even better, with the embedded wood grain pattern, you’ll retain a stable, non-slip surface even when wet, a vital consideration when enjoying summer time fun in your pool.

Pergolah & Verandah Roofing

Composite Decking is a long lasting solution for the future of your homes decks. Rather than having to constantly sand the deck and perform yearly maintenance with expensive oils and labor intensive processes, you can simply enjoy a beautiful deck year after year. You’ll never have to worry about needing to scrub and stain these hard to reach areas, a simple pressure washing once a year will keep it looking beautiful.

Custom Composite Decking Carports

Natural woods require deep in-depth maintenance year after year. If you have raw stained wood, you’ll need to sand down the natural wear and tear it will undergo. Stains will fade, paints will chip and peel, requiring labor intensive maintenance.

Flexible Railing Options

All of our composite decking gives you the flexibility to create a truly unique outdoor experience suited to your home, your family, and of course your personal tastes. And all our composite decks come with a solid warranty guaranteeing years of a beautiful, resilient deck.

Replace your wood Deck with Composite Decking

Imagine transforming your existing high-maintenance timber deck into a beautiful composite deck that will stand the time. When doing repairs or replacements, it all comes down to choosing the best materials for the job, and composite decking has long stood as the most versatile and long-lasting decking material available on the market.

No Fee, No Obligation Quote

What are you waiting for?  With a single phone call you can be benefiting from the beauty of long-lasting composite decking.  Whether it’s new construction, repair, or replacement of your existing deck, Composite Deck Builders will be there to provide you with the deck of a lifetime.  Just call today for your No Free, No Obligation quote, and say goodbye to hours of exhausting maintenance, and hello to long leisurely summers!

Chose the right Composite Decking Material

As one of Melbourne’s leading Composite Decking Builders, we only work with the very best in composite decking materials. All Composite’s are not the same, just as all decking projects are not the same. Different manufacturers offer different colors, styles, pricing, fitting systems and warranties to suit a wide variety of needs. We work with the best composite decking brands including Duralife and Trex.