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Composite Decking is a long lasting solution for the future of your homes decks.  Rather than having to constantly sand the deck and perform yearly maintenance with expensive oils and labor intensive processes, you can simply enjoy a beautiful deck year after year. 

The Beauty of Wood, Without the Maintenance

Trex is deeply embedded with a wood-grain pattern, carefully dyed to provide the beautiful colors of natural wood.  With the special formulations used, your color is guaranteed to last for 25 years, far longer than any other composite on the market.

No Fuss, No Muss, No Maintenance

Natural woods require deep in-depth maintenance year after year.  If you have raw stained wood, you’ll need to sand down the natural wear and tear it will undergo.  Stains will fade, paints will chip and peel, requiring labor intensive maintenance. With Trex composites, cleaning up is as simple as using soap and water, that’s it!

Doesn’t Fade, Scratch, Stain, or Mold

Being made of recycled plastic and wood, Trex composite decking doesn’t mold, and won’t stain, not even under the abuses of spilled wines or sauces.  This is why it comes with a 25 year warranty guaranteeing there will be no fading or staining, so you can be confident your deck will stand the test of time.

Environmentally Sound

Composite Decks are an environmentally sound solution to your decking needs, being made of 95% recycled material ensures that you can rest easy. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve got a quality deck, while being responsible with your choice of materials.

Flexible Railing Options

All of our composite decking is compatible with the full line of Trex Railing Options, giving you the flexibility to create a truly unique outdoor experience suited to your home, your family, and of course your personal tastes.  And all of them come with a solid warranty guaranteeing years of a beautiful, resilient deck.

The Power of Trex Composite Decking

Ultimately, it all comes down to choosing the best materials for the job, and Trex decking has long stood as the most versatile and long-lasting deck available on the market for the last 20+ years. Their triple-shell technology, long-standing warranty, and high quality products have made them the go-to for earth friendly decking.

They know that everyone wants the beauty of a natural deck without all the hassle that goes with it, which is why they are always releasing beautiful new colored blends of the material to give you nature’s touch in a composite board.